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Blanco Performing Arts

Group Brings Top Musicians to Texas Hill Country

As the violinist gracefully drew her bow back and forth, Diana Blackburn held her breath, transfixed by both the notes and the musician's ability to play them. For Blackburn, seated in the audience in the Ballroom at Uptown Blanco, the March 2010 ensemble performance would change her life....

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Texas Hill Country Magazine

Christmas in Comfort Holiday Night Parade

Lighted Night Parade Continues Popular Tradition of Bringing Holiday Magic to the Texas Hill Country.

The Christmas in Comfort Holiday Night Parade is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The beautiful lighted parade brings holiday magic to the historic Hill Country town and for hundreds of families it is a holiday tradition and great source of community pride.The parade is the grand finale to Christmas in Comfort, one of the area's most popular holiday events offering shopping and family

Breweries at Home in the Hills

A Quarter of all Texas Breweries are in the Texas Hill Country

Of the thousands of people who take up residence in the Hill Country each year, many have been home brewers, that breed of men and women who have the urge to create what they like to drink. When that passion turns to wanting everyone else to share in the fruits of their labors, it was only natural that they would start serving up beer in the towns they call home....

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