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The 2017 vintage proved to be absolutely stellar for Texas wine. A fortunate lack of late spring frosts, minimal vineyard damage from hail, and a moderate winter proved to make for near perfect growing conditions. Everyone in the wine industry from around the state seems to agree it was a banner year for Texas wine.
What would a beautiful sunset in the Texas Hill Country be like without bats dodging and darting overhead? What would it be like to have an estimated additional 2 million pounds of flying insects disrupting our lives? Thankfully bats, the Texas State flying mammal, rid us of that flying nuisance! Central Texas has an estimated 3000 or more caves and sinkholes.
You’ve heard about the famous bats in Austin. If you have any interest in these fascinating winged mammals, I hope you’ve made the pilgrimage to Ann W. Richards Bridge on South Congress where most afternoons between May and November you’ll see over a million Mexican free-tail bats spread across the sky. But I'm going to let you in on something — you ain’t seen nothing yet! Out near Mason, in the Western Hill Country, is an even more fascinating bat community — the Eckert James ...
Residents of the Texas Hill Country looking to travel someplace exotic in January can go all the way back to the Middle Ages by visiting the Kerrville Renaissance Festival on January 26-28, 2018. The Hill Country finally has its own version of the popular immersive events attracting crowds throughout the country, thanks to Hal Robinson and April Cory of Comfort.
One interesting, comfortable, and convenient place to stay in Alpine is Alpine Guest Lodging apartments. The place is historic and right in the middle of everything. The lodging was built 100 years ago, according to owner Cathy Wright. At one point they served as a hospital, later as professional offices, and in 2009 became vacation rentals. Cathy and husband Dave Leet bought the lodging in 2016, painted the exterior that year and the interior in 2017.
When the city of Alpine claims to be the center of your Big Bend adventure, believe them. To the north you’ll find history, gorgeous scenery, and a great observatory in Fort Davis. To the west are the galleries of Marfa, to the east are Marathon’s shops and historic hotel. To the south are Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park.
Established in 1876, the bustling, friendly community of Brady is located at the geographical center of Texas and sits astride five major highway intersections. The county seat of McCulloch County also is within one hundred miles of Interstates 10, 20 and 35. Named for Ben McCulloch, a Texas Ranger, Confederate general and Indian fighter, the county blossomed after the Civil War as one of the West’s most famous cattle trails, the Dodge trail, began near neighboring Mason, continued throug ...
Sometimes you’ll find the sweetest things in unexpected places: a chocolatier in San Angelo, TX is making exquisite-tasting candies which rival famous name brands. And James Crowder is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill shopkeeper. Along with the talent and training to produce his delectables, he excels at marketing and design. Crowder’s brand is: Chocolate ...
What a vision to behold – millions of bats spiraling upward out of a tunnel tucked away in the heart of the Hill Country! Sure enough, a 920-foot-long tunnel on the abandoned Fredericksburg and Northern Railway line still performs an important environmental mission after rail traffic between Fredericksburg and Comfort ceased in 1941.
Something is always going on in Wimberley, and one of the most delightful happens on April 21. That’s when the Butterfly Festival happens this year at the EmilyAnn Theatre and Gardens. This is the 20th year of the festival that includes butterfly releases, a bounce house, crafts, face painting, food, games, a maze, shopping, a mini train, and more. The goal of the festival, according to Ann Rolling, executive director of the EmilyAnn, is to wake up the world to realize every day is a gi ...

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